Om Shiv Vishwa Shanti Dham

(About Shiv Dham)

Situated in the heart of Ulhasnagar in Thane District of Maharastra. Om Shiv Vishwa Shanti dham is a mirculors place Where your search of peace ends. Its a place of faith, where dreams comes true ... The entrance of the temple has huge pillar which shows the whole earth on a finger which symbolises that the whole earth is running on supreme power.

A step ahead WE see the huge potrait of kailash Mansarovar. The beautiful steps Carved out of stone lead us to the above spritual area Which displays the sleeping posture of cord vishnu, Who himself gives a tribute to the divine Shiv linga and has lord Brahma on the flower originating from his own body. In this way the Principle on Which the world works in beautifully explained.

The we come across the most attractive, mirulous and huge idol of lord Shiva, Which is 36ft high and is counted as one amongest the biggest sitting idols of lord Shiva in Maharastra.

Its beleived that by looking at it in a Sight all Sorrows and pains are vanished. Then we see the idol of lord Hanumana accompanied by rock carvings which add to the beauty of the area. While going down wards We come across the charming idol of "Radha krishna" which Symbolizes love. The journey continues and we witness the idol of lord Natraja, the lord known as the master of dance.

Further the path leads us to the ground area where we go around a rocky dome on which the powerful three Goddess Maa Saraswati, Maa Durga, Maa Kali abode on their royal place Beneath, We take the holy darshan of lord Shiva through a divine hole, Then we to the holy cave which is 251ft long through the path which has the carvings of various mythological stories. We enter the cave and first of all we take the darshan of lord Gaensha, followed by the lessings of Shiv khori after which the rocky path leads us to lord Jhulelal, afterreceiving his blessings we proceed further to Baba Ambernath, the ice linga which is covered with ice through out the year and then we take the blessings of 108 Shiv lingas and then the huge idol of lord Ganesha, shows the path to "Shakti khand" Which has all the tree Goddess Maa Lakshmi, Maa Kali , and Maa Saraswati together called as Vaishnu Devi, followed by the blessings of Baba Bharav nath.

A step ahead we see Goddess "Naina Devi" Which symbolizes the eyes of Goddess Sati, then the huge idol of lord hunumana is prsent there to Protect all the Goddesses that abode around the Surrounding area Then we take a look over "Jwala Devi". Which is ablazing fire representing the tongue of goddess Sati. Followed by the blessing of "Kangra Devi" A step ahead "Chintapurni mata." Which represents the legs of Goddess Sati, giues her blessing to us. After which there is a wish granting tree. It is beleined that by being a thread around it all our. Wishes are granted. Then We take the holy darshan of Goddess "Maa Kali" Symbolizing the hair of Goddess Sati we take the blessings of all the Gods and Goddess present in the Cave, once again and come out of it.

Then we enter the hloy cone of Asthvinayaka, Where the eight vital and divine Ganpatis. Which are situated all around Maharastra, abode at one place in the cave then there is the attractive idol of lord Shiva whose mere smile gives us all the peace and happiness of the whole universe. Then we take the blessings of SAi baba and move out the temple. The wall outside depicts minature carvings of rocks Showing elephants. Then we proceed towards "Ria Gayatri Dhayan kendra" the meditaion hall as soon as we enter, we see the divine idol of goddess "Gayatri", Whose place is acomplished by the crystal stones , Which take in the negativity of the personatity and gives positivity to it. Then we enter air conditional meditation hall. The Meditation hall is designed in such a way that there is a presence of all five elements on account of which our body is made.

So we are glad to invite you at such a holy and mirculous place.

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